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SMS Marketing - Two Way SMS
        Drona Media offers you a Two Way Messaging platform that lets you to receive as well as send SMS. This allows you complete flexibility in managing your incoming messages sending SMS. This provides you complete flexibility in managing your incoming messages.
Note: You can use both API & Two way SMS simultaneously.

The different types of option available to do two way SMS are as follows:
    Gate way number: A gateway number +919246356765 is shared with other clients through which the client’s message will be send. You can purchase a keyword with our gateway number. The keyword is the identifier for your message. You will be charged Rs 2500 per month for a keyword where you can get unlimited incoming messages free. Keyword can be up to 4 characters. You can specify keywords.

    Dedicated number: You can take a Virtual Number from us which will be provided by The TATA operator (10 digit).You will be charged Rs 5000 per month where you can get unlimited keywords. Incoming SMS are chargeable after a limit depending on the plan taken.

    Short codes: We will provide you two type of short codes. Client will be provided with a unique keyword.
         5 digit short code: 56363
         7 digit dedicated code: 5676713, 5676714 etc

         Shared 5 digit short code (56363) per Keyword:
           One Time Set up Cost: Rs 4000
           Monthly Charges(Maintanence): Rs 3000

         Dedicated 7 digit short code (Ex: 5676713, 5676714)
           One Time set up cost: Rs 4000
           Monthly charges(Maintanence): Rs 17,000

    Service Tax of 10.3% extra.

    Minimum 3 months of subscription compulsory
    All the payments pertaining to Short Codes are to be made Prepaid
    No Revenue sharing will be offered
    Activation of Shared short code: 0-4 working days
    Activation of dedicated short code: 0-8 working days
Two-way SMS responds:
There are four options in receiving the incoming messages from the customers
  1. Clients mobile number
  2. Drona Media Inbox
  3. Client email
  4. Application

For more details, contact:
Phone: +91 9048 00 20 40
Email: info@dronamedia.com

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