LATEST NEWS Our latest website design www.thewindsorcastle.net has been launched, the page visits for the revamped website increased by 74% compared to the old design.
Revamp your website
          Check out millions of websites on the net. You can see a combination of good as well as bad sites. How can we
call a website, a good website? Just go through the following questions and find out whether your site is a good site
or it requires a new look
arrow   Does your website give more information than user desires?

arrow   Is the layout attractive? Is it updated regularly (if requires)?

arrow   Does the theme, look and feel match?

arrow   Are the contents provided in your website accurate and up to date?

arrow   Does your web statistics show a Good number of visitors?

arrow   Are the visitors able to navigate easily through your pages?

arrow   Does the major search engines visit your site frequently?

arrow   Are your customers happy with your website presence?

arrow   If the answer is “NO” to any of these questions, it is high time to revamp your site.

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