At Drona Media we offer a full suite
of internet development disciplines
under one roof.
Drona Media approaches every project
from the perspective of our client
and we develop.
Film Making has proven to be a
dynamic way of communication in
the field of media industry
Drona Media Model Management is India's leading Modelling Agency.  
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ith the new horizons in information kaleidoscope, we Drona Media helps
to explore before you the new arenas in your corporate identity. We can
assure you with everything necessary for your business to really take
off on the internet/ market at the best price/ quality ratio on the       
market. Any questions about our services, feel free to contact us.  
Let us color your online experience.                                               

ultimedia involves the combination and synchronization of       
multiple types such as: Text, Graphics, Illustrations, Animation, 
Photographs, Film, Video, Sound and Interactivity, offering     
boundless possibilities in conveying a message effectively.    
Multimedia opens the door to larger opportunities in the        
fields of cinema, video, production, animation...                     

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At Drona Media we offer a full suite of internet development disciplines under one roof: project management, web design, development, application programming and hosting. More...


  . CEO      "Let me start my note with our vision, towards
which we are working forward".

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