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Services - SMS Marketing - Bulk SMS
One of the best ways to reach people via mobile phone is SMS. A particular channel with definite bandwidth limitation is adopted by bulk SMS. A Bulk SMS sender can get delivery reports once the SMS is sent to many people.

It enables the establishment of a two way SMS channel to make leads, to communicate with employees, to promote products/ services, to receive feedback from customers and send automatic Bulk SMS alerts. Clients can easily arrange a unique reply number – a short code, through the web interface which allows the recipients to respond to a Bulk SMS campaign soon.

A single SMS can be sent on to multiple users that are the most essential feature of the Bulk SMS. The total number of recipients can be determined by a sender. The list of recipients can be increased to more and more numbers and can be limited to minimum one or single recipient. Another essential benefit of Bulk SMS is its low cost factor, just because of its low cost, several reputed Companies and Industries like us are making utilization of Bulk SMS for advertizing and promoting their products.

Bulk SMS are generally used for the purposes like Instructions, Intimations, and Promotional campaigns. For sending a single message to several Cell Phone users instantly, Bulk SMS is used. Nowadays young's makes utilization of Bulk SMS and SMS messaging to relatives and friends as their favorite time pass. Bulk SMS method is the recent and the most popular weapon utilized in the competitive Business field to campaign for of Products in the Market.

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