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Multimedia School and Production House
          With the new horizons in information kaleidoscope, we Drona Media helps to explore before you the new arenas in your corporate identity. We can assure you with everything necessary for your business to really take off on the internet/ market at the best price/ quality ratio on the market. Any questions about our services, feel free to contact us. Let us color your online experience! 
               Multimedia involves the combination and synchronization  of multiple types such as: Text, Graphics, Illustrations, Photographs, Animation, Video, Film, Sound and Interactivity, offering boundless possibilities in conveying a message effectively. Multimedia opens the door to larger opportunities in the fields of cinema, video, production, animation, web designing, CD authoring, publishing, print design, advertising and alike, for those with the right aptitude and skills. The multimedia course enables the student to work with proficiency in diverse fields.

            Animation has added a powerful dimension to the present day entertainment industry. The animation and graphic design course aims to offer graduates with a strong foundation in the basic concept of the principle of animation and graphic design, rather than a mere knowledge of the various software applications. The course identifies the need for a new kind of professional who can propose, develop and evaluate design concepts that enable effective communication. 
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